We are at the core of revealing  the impacts of climate change to leaders and the ordinary citizens of Uganda. Our climate impacts   research and documentation has supported in telling the Ugandan climate change story across board from local to global.

CAN-U’s core work is on climate change policy and advocacy that is based on solid evidence gathered through cutting edge research. We  work through  partnerships at local and international level where we draw on a highly experienced human resource to support our research.

 In 2015, our high level collaboration with the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), OXFAM and the World Resources Institute (WRI) on Delivery of Adaptation Finance in Uganda: Assessing Institutions at Local Government Levels revealed policy gaps and made recommendations that have  shaped the climate finance narrative and policy response in Uganda for a long time. Click here to download report on tracking climate finance at sub-national level 

Working with the Walker Institute of the University of Reading Our people have a contributed and spearheaded on research teams including the National Scale Impact Based Forecasting of Flood Risk in Uganda (NIMFRU) and HYCRISTAL: Integrating  Hydro- Climate Science  SCIENCE INTO POLICY DECISIONS FOR CLIMATE-RESILIENT INFRASTRUCTURE AND LIVELIHOOD

Our work with the Walker Institute on rural adaptation is one of the most documented and applied rural climate adaptation research in Uganda. Please click here to download key resources and tools.  CAN-U worked with communities to deliver on a key tool of  Creating a Two-way Dialogue for Improved Advocacy and communication on rural adaptation. Please see our work here   


We are also working with CAN International to document the climate impacts on the frontline communities through a Story telling and audio visual communication project which is part of the Greener, Cleaner and Safer Campaign. 

We are partnering with the Walker Institute to deliver on research on the Impact of  Climate Change on the Production of Sweet potato in Uganda. A causal network was developed by Dr. Hannah Young of the Walker Institute on initial findings of the Sweet Potato food systems in Uganda. Please click here to download