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CAN-U Backgroud

Climate Action Network Uganda (CAN-U) Started in 2009 by organisations and individuals led by OXFAM in Uganda with a vision of contributing to a world that is actively striving towards achieving the protection of the global CLIMATE in a manner that promotes equity and social justice,  sustainable DEVELOPMENT of PEOPLE and protection of the environment.

CAN-U works on a broad range of climate action issues at local, national, regional and global levels contributing towards the global goal of reducing carbon emissions and resilience. Our core work is on Climate Research and Development, Climate Advocacy and Campaigns and Capacity Building. 

Climate Action Network Uganda (CAN-U) is a registered civil society coalition comprising of Non-Governmental Organizations, Academia, and private sector players working on actions to combat the climate change crisis and its impacts in Uganda. CAN-U has more than 200 members based in all the regions of Uganda and is affiliated to the Climate Action Network International (CAN-I)

CAN-U convenes and coordinates civil society in Uganda to rally around the development and implementation of effective climate change policy and practices at global, national and local levels.

CAN-U’s core work is on climate change policy and advocacy that is based on solid evidence gathered through cutting edge research. We mainly work through collaborative partnerships at local and international levels where we draw on a highly experienced human resource to support our research.

CAN-U coordinates and facilitates Uganda Civil Society participation in the global climate policy processes, specifically with a view to influence national and global climate change  policies and information and knowledge sharing building.


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